Gadgets are Items the player can equip to advantage their gameplay.

The player begins with 3 Gadget Slots but you can make new ones and expand your inventory by collecting Sprites. The Maximum is 7 slots.

Damage Gadgets (DMG)

  • Roll Attack

Defense Gadgets (DEF)

  • Skin of Steel: +10 DEF
  • Poise: Allows you to not get staggered to easily, and enhanced Block Capacity.
  • Ring of Resistance: Adds 40 DEF against abnormalities.
  • Ring of Magma: Allows you to walk on Lava, Crafted.
  • Chasm Boots: Allows the player to take no fall damage.

Mobility Gadgets

  • Wings: Wings allow players to fly. Crafted.
  • Traveler's Boots: Causes players to walk through water and liquids quicker.
  • Stride: Allows you to slide down walls.
  • Twinkle Toes: Allows players to double jump.

Other Gadgets

  • Nocturnal Sight: Allows players to see what is AROUND them without the darkness.
  • Pendant: Increases Healing Speed
  • Insight: Allows you to see the exact HP of Players/Bosses/Enemies, and their resistances.