The Celedriath King was the king of Zerem after he got possessed by the Crown of Celedriath.


  • Celedriath Minion: He summons Celedriath Minions who shoot slow moving force field bullets which can knock you to the floor dealing alot of damage.
  • Jumpslam: The Celedriath King will laugh and do a super jump which lands near the player. This is his most devastating attack. It generates a shockwave of energy.
  • Celedriath Bomb: The King will partially summon The Crown of Celedriath which shoot several shock-bombs at you.
  • Minion Shield: If you do not kill all the minions when they are spawned, he can do a interuptable attack which shields him temporarilly and heals him slowly but significantly. He does a praying animation and you must attack him before his dialogue ends.
  • Roar of the Cosmos: This is an Area-of-effect attack, in which he crounges into a ball and chants several words. Suddenly an explosion will come which is devastating, but not as devastating as the JumpSlam. When he does this attack, a aura will surround you. This effect is called: "Vulneralbility" which causes all attack within 30 seconds to pass through your shield.
  • Teleport: He usually does this when he spawns minions. He teleports to another section of the battlefield.

Health Points

  • He has 25,000 HP.
  • When he is shielded, he ignores 85% of the player's DMG.


  • Cosmical Souls x30
  • Souls: 20,000